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Research Help: Where Do Your Family Come From in Ireland?
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People ask me all the time where in Ireland their surname may be found. A lot of these people, their ancestor/s left Ireland pre the ‘main’ famin...   Added: 2014-09-07
Muster List, Kilkenny City, 1690
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The following names have been extracted from a paper published in the “Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and the South-East of Ireland Ar...   Added: 2014-09-07
Athleague Roman Catholic Baptismal Index, Co. Roscommon, 1808
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This set of parish records are listed in the book I have as being Athleague & Fuerty. However, on the microfilm of the parish records there is no men...   Added: 2014-09-07
Marriage Records, Rathdowney, Co. Laois, 1873-80
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The Roman Catholic parish records for Rathdowney in Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) begin in July 1763. This is an index to the names of those who got marr...   Added: 2014-09-07
Books About Co. Cavan
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Each book is listed separately. The titles may be incomplete, but the full title can be obtained by searching the on-line library catalogues of Irish ...   Added: 2014-09-07
Catholic Qualificaton Rolls, Co. Fermanagh
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The following list of names and information as to occupation and their addresses were transcribed by the Rev. P. O Gallachair from Ms 2486 in the Nati...   Added: 2014-09-07
Bog Bursts, Co. Roscommon
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After a sudden thaw of snow, the bog between Bloomfield and Geevagh gave way; and a black deluge, carrying with it the contents of 100 acres of bog, t...   Added: 2014-09-07
Marriage Records, Maryboro Parish, Co. Laois, 1850s
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This page features 70 marriage records from Maryboro Parish of Co. Laois in the 1850s. Maryboro Roman Catholic Parish takes in other civil parishes as...   Added: 2014-09-07
St. David’s, Naas Graveyard Records, Co. Kildare
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This page features free records for St. David’s, Naas Graveyard, Co. Kildare, transcribed by Brian McCabe and Dr. Jane Lyons....   Added: 2014-09-07
Books About Co. Armagh
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The following are a list of book titles relating to Co. Antrim. The topics are varied: history, heritage, geology, language and some tourist guides. S...   Added: 2014-09-07

The Gaelic Social Structure
It is often heard that one's ancestors were "Kings" of this or "Lords" of that, but our modern (and essentialy English) understanding of these terms c...  
Daniel O'Connell And The Doneraile Conspiracy: Page 1
Origins: The Doneraile Conspiracy of 1829 had its origins in the Whiteboy movement, a secret oath-bound society, which for about seventy years had ...  
Daniel O'Connell And The Doneraile Conspiracy: Page 2
Judges Address. Baron Pennefather then charged the Grand Jury, and was fair enough. He mentioned the evidence of informers, and advised that it sho...  
Daniel O'Connell And The Doneraile Conspiracy: Page 3
Mrs. Glover's Evidence. Mrs. Eliza Glover of Johnsgrove then gave evidence. She said she saw one of the prisoners in the dock, James McGrath, at Jo...  
Marriage Records, Rosbercon Parish, Kilkenny, 1864
Civil Registration of Marriages, New Ross Union, [1864, 1st Quarter], Vol. 4 26 January 1864 John Murphy (full age), bachelor, laborer, residence B...  
Rosbercon Parish Map, County Kilkenny
This is a section of an Ordnance Survey map of Rosbercon and the surrounding area. ...  
The Irish Short Story
The short story is, for me, a natural form, as difficult and as easy to talk about as, say, walking. Do we need a theory about going for a walk? About...  
Irish Genocide Or The Great Irish Famine?
"Those who governed in London at the time failed their people through standing by while a crop failure turned into a massive human tragedy. We must no...  
Gerald Keegan's Summer of Sorrow, 1847
In 1847, Gerald Keegan crossed the Atlantic in from County Sligo, Ireland to Grosse Ile, Quebec, Canada, which at that time was still part of Great Br...  
Letter To The Editor Of The Cork Examiner, January 29, 1847
Bandon Bridge Place, Jan. 23rd, 1847 H SIR--permit me to call your attention to the awful condition of the poor of this town. I shall confine mysel...