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Ardcrony Churchyard, Memorials To The Dead, Co. Tipperary

Source: Vol. 9 - FHL# 1279285

Erected by Daniel Brereton, in memory of his father George Brereton, who departed this life Feb 2nd 1841 aged 81 years. Also his mother Mary Brereton, who departed this life Oct. 12, 1832, aged 54 years. Also his brother John Brereton, who died Sept. 4th 1808, aged 2 years.

Erected by Bryan Kerrins in memory of his wife Judy Kerrins alias Donnelly, who departed this life Oct. 8th, 1837, aged 26.

Erected by William Howe in memory of his Father John Howe, Decr 29th 1830, aged 48. Also his mother Hannagh Howe, who departed this life Decr 3rd 1822, aged 46 years.

Erected by James Ryan in memory of his Father Timothy Ryan, who departed this life on the 18th February 1826, aged 77 years; also of his mother Mary Ryan otherwise Kennedy

Erected by John Ryan, of Derna, in memory of his Father Malicky Ryan, who departed Feb. 8th 1842, aged 78, also his Mother Margaret Ryan departed May 12th 1844, aged 69 years, also his sister Judith Ryan departed March 12th 1842.

Erected by John Gaynor, of Coolderry, in memory of his son Anthony Gaynor, who departed ...1882?

Michael Ryan died May 1785, Aged 50 years, Also his wife Mary Gaynor died May 1806, aged 65.

Erected by Daniel Kennedy for his Father James Kennedy.

Erected by Nicholas Kennedy in memory of his brother Patrick Kennedy, who departed September 2nd 1807, aged 27.

Erected by Henry Slack in memory of his Father William Slack 1779, aged 76 years.

Peter Brown, who departed this life January 1787, aged 34 years.

William Newstead departed this life ...April ...1749, aged 69 years.

Darby Hough in honour of his mother Bridget Walsh who died 1785, aged 56 years.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Harrison, Esq. who departed this life 12 November 1785, aged 45. Also of her son Richard Harrison, who quitted this mortal scene...1806, aged 32.

Erected by James Howe in memory of his wife Margaret Howe, who died on the 18th July 1836, in the 48th year..

Timothy Gaynan, of Liscorriff, who departed this life 22nd May 1822, aged 74 years.

Thomas Hefernan, who died Oct. 5th 1798, aged 18 years.

Erected by Thomas Leahey in memory of his Father John Leahey, who departed this life Dec. 2nd 1834, aged 84 years; And his Mother Mary Leahey, who departed this life ...1833, aged 80 years.

Elizabeth Handcock, who departed this life May 1779, aged 24 years.

Roger Leake, who died January 9th 1793, aged 84.

Mr. Thomas Brereton, who departed this life 30 December 1776, aged 34 years.

Mrs Mary Brereton, otherwise Carroll? who departed this life Sept. 1783, aged 90 years.

Mrs Margaret Brereton, wife to John Brereton, Esq. of Rathurliss, in the County of Tipperary, who ...died..in the fifty first year of her age on the 10th day of June 1800.

William Ledger, son of Edward Ledger, of Ballyrichard, who died 6 Oct. 1775

Robert, son of Edward Ledger, of Ballyrichard, who departed this life, February 6th 1814, aged 39 years.

Patrick Darcy of Borrisokane, in memory of his Mother Mary Darcy alias McNamara, who departed this life June 10th 1824, aged 80 years.
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