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Marlfield Graveyard, Co. Tipperary

Contributed by Luann Hughes-DeVries

1) In Memory Of Margaret Seconn, Daughter Of Richard S. Harriet Bagwell Of Marlfield, Clonmel, Born 23rd June 18, Died 14th July 1849. I will Give You Rest.

2) Sacred To The Memory Of George Ponsonby Prittie, Who Died On The 15th Of August 1871 Aged 63 Years. They Will Be Done. Sacred To The Memory Of George Edward Prittie, Who Died On The 18th Febry 1866 Aged 16 Years.

3) In Memory Of Janet Elizabeth Prittie, Died Sept 24th 190?

4) George E.Prittie, Died 18th Feb 1866 Aged 16 Years.

5) Large Stone Cross - J.B.

6) In Memory Of HOnorable Francis S. Prittie, Who Died July 26th 1867. And Susan His Wife. 1.Thess.4.14.

7) Sacred To The Memory Of Edward Prittie, Who Died March 15th 1882 Aged 30 Years. He Rests In Peace.

8) Died December 1918. Large Plot Richard Bagwell.

9) He Loved Me And Gave Himself For Me. Sacred To The Memory Of Lilla Bagwell, Born 16th June 1839, Died 2nd August 1886.

10) Maude Isabelle Bagwell Purefoy, Died 22nd January 1883 Aged 15 Years.

11) Erected by Leonard Meskill, in memory of his loving wife Elizabeth Maskill, who died the 10th of June 1914, aged 52yrears. Also his father Bartolomew Meskill, who died 24th April ??, aged 65yrs. Also his daughters Mary Treacy, who died 2nd Nov 1925, aged 38 years. Also the above Leonard Meskill, who died 10th March 1921. Also Elizebeth Meskill. R.I.P.

12) Erected by Eily Kennedy nee Kirwan, in memory of Thomas Kirwan Kilmacomma, Clonmel, 1827-1884. Johanna Kirwan 1827-1915. John Kirwan 1869-1946. Mary Kirwan 1868-1956. Mary Flanagan nee Kirwan 1902-1975.

13) Erected by Patrick Morressey, late of the Old Bridge, Clonmel in memory of his father Walter
Morressey, who departed this life October 4th 1825, aged 48 years. His brother John Morressey, departed this life May 1st 1849, aged 27 years. His mother Ellen Morressey, Departed this life May 31st 1866, aged 84 years. R.I.P.

14) In loving memory of James O'Shea. Also his daughter Mary Roberts, 43 Garrymore, died 19th April 1939. My Jesus mercy.

15) In Loving Memory Of Emily Bagwell, Born 3rd August 1827, Died 15th May 1842.

16) John Bagwell, Born 1874, Died 1946.

17) In Loving Memory Of Richard Bagwell, Elder Son Of John and Louise Bagwell of Marlfield, Born 1901- Died 1955. Scholar and Railwayman and His Sister Lille Bagwell, Born 1902-Died 1972.  
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