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Aleida Guevara Counts Irish As Comrades In Struggle

The daughter of the great revolutionary Che Guevara said she identifies with the Irish because they too had to struggle for independence.

Speaking at a visit to the Lord Mayor's office in City Hall, Cork, Dr Aleida Guevara described the Irish as brave and courageous. "They too were colonised and had to struggle for centuries to obtain independence. That's what makes me admire and respect them." [Poster's note: does she realise all of Ireland has NOT yet obtained independence?]

Dr Guevara, visiting Ireland at the invitation of the Cuba Support Group of Ireland, has Irish links.

Her great-great grandmother was Anna Lynch, the grand-daughter of an Irishman who emigrated to Argentina in the eighteenth century.

However, Dr Guevara does not know which part of Ireland her relations were originally from.

She was in Cork at the invitation of the Cork branch of the Irish support group.

Branch member Ted Tynan said the group had sent up to £1.27million in medical aid to Cuba, the ongoing subject of a US blockade, in the past six years.

Declan McKenna, founder of the support group, said it was important for the Irish to intensify their solidarity with Cuba at this time.

"Cuba is probably the only country in the world willing to provide an alternative economic and political model to the very damaging globalisation process.

"We should support that struggle."

Dr Guevara was highly critical of the Bush administration.

"I feel very sorry for the people of the US. He is the president of a mighty nation and apparently is not aware of the amount of human suffering he is causing by his mad and terrorist acts."  
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