Possibly the swiftest route to your roots.

About The Irish Archives

The Irish Archives is a family history research tool for general Internet users and active genealogists alike, whose main interest is that of Irish genealogy and the search for their family roots in Ireland. We've already collected hundreds of Irish ancestry and genealogy related links, and continue to do so on a daily basis, allocating them to dozens of suitable categories for ease of search. Links are further allocated to their respective counties, as well as featuring subject specific tags, meaning the most precise of searches will bear fruit.

What exactly is the Irish Archives and why could we be useful to you?

  • A directory of genealogical related articles based on the history of Ireland and its people
  • A research tool for Irish ancestry, Irish genealogy and Irish family history
  • An interactive directory where visitors can become users and add their own links
  • A starting point for budding genealogists and enthusiasts alike
  • We're not just for beginners either, as our extensive database caters for the more experience researchers among you
  • Passionate about Ireland, its people and its voluminous and often distressing and tragic history
  • Now your first stop for all things genealogy and Ireland - we hope

How exactly can you interact with us?

  • You may add your own links to our database
  • Report broken links to avoid wasted time for fellow researchers
  • Provide us with feedback so that we may better this site for months and years to come
  • Spread the word of our website through the medium of social networking: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc ...

This is family history research made easy: no cost, point, click, and read. Possibly the swiftest route to your roots.